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​​​​Welcome to our Medicare* page!

Medicare is an entitlement program that provides health insurance for those age 65

and older** and is administered by the federal government.

You can review in depth articles and facts about the Medicare program by

visiting the official Medicare website here.

"Original Medicare" is made up of 2 parts:

Part A                                                                                                     Part B

 Part A in general covers Inpatient Hospitalization, 

Skilled Nursing, Hospice and Respite Care, and

                                                   some Home Health Care Services.                                                                                                                                                          

Part B covers Medical and Outpatient Physician Services, Lab services, Durable Medical Equipment,

Certain Outpatient Drugs, some

Home Health Care services, and Ambulance

Part A is free for most people.
If you are enrolled in Social Security Retirement Benefits

upon turning 65, you'll be automatically

enrolled in Part A.


Part B is not free.

There is a monthly base premium that can change every year

and may be adjusted based on your

Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) from 2 years ago.

You can find the current Part B premium and

MAGI adjustment table here.  

It is important to note that while Part A offers limited

coverage if your doctor recommends Skilled Nursing 

after an inpatient hospital stay, it does not

cover a stay in a Long Term Care facility. 

In addition to the monthly premium cost for Part B,

there is a Part B Deductible that is subject to change every year. For 2021, that deductible is $203.

After reaching this deductible, Part B pays

for 80% of eligible Part B medical expenses.

While Part A provides excellent coverage for its covered services, it can leave you with high out-of-pocket costs

if an unexpected medical event were to take place.

Enrollment in Medicare Part B is required if you wish to sign up for Part C, Part D, or a Medicare Supplement insurance plan.

While Medicare provides you with excellent coverage, it doesn't cover everything!

It excludes dental, vision, routine foot care, and hearing. 

Part D: Prescription drugs are covered under a separate part of Medicare called "Part D"

You will need to enroll in a Part D Prescription Drug Plan separate from your Original Medicare Parts A & B.
Enrollment will be based on:

  • plans available in your area
  • the prescription drugs you take, and
  • which pharmacy you prefer

You can "run" your drug plan and save your information through Medicare's website here.

Enter your location, prescriptions and dosages, and preferred pharmacy to find the best priced Part D plans for you.

We can assist with using this tool, finding the right drug plan for you, and answer your questions about Part D

coverage stages and drug costs, because it gets just a little complicated!

Part C: Also Known As- Medicare Advantage

 Medicare Part C replaces your Original Medicare benefits with those from a
private insurance carrier. 
Enrollment in Part C will be based on:

  • plans available in your area
  • the prescription drugs you take
  • which pharmacy you prefer
  • whether or not your doctors and specialists will accept your Part C plan and
    which type of "network" you want to enroll in

  • that you realize the copays, coinsurance costs, and out-of-pocket maximum
    associated with the Part C plan you choose 

Medicare Advantage plans must be "as good as or better than" your

Original Medicare benefits. Some plans bundle prescription drug coverage in with your

medical benefits, and many include dental, vision, and hearing.

Certain plans help with your Part B premium (only if they are available in your area).

Enrollment in a Medicare Advantage plan is limited to certain

times per year outside of your Initial Enrollment in Medicare and needs

to be considered carefully. 

No "Part" here, just filling in the Gaps!

Last but not least is the Medicare Supplement plan, also known as "Medigap" plans!

Medicare Supplement plans are federally standardized plans issued through private insurance

companies and fill in the gaps that Medicare Parts A & B leave behind to give you more comprehensive coverage. 

These plans do not cover prescription drugs, so you will need to enroll in a Part D plan separately.

They do not cover any service that your Original Medicare does not cover.

One last thing...

When people become eligible for Medicare, they tend to feel nervous and confused by all of the upcoming changes.

We usually say "Congratulations!" because the federal Medicare program provides pretty excellent medical coverage.

We understand that most people over age 65 are living on a fixed income in retirement and

do our  best to keep costs as low as possible. We re-certify every year to market these Medicare-related products so this information stays very fresh in our minds.

Our agents broker with many different carriers available in our area to provide you with the best options and make this coverage work for YOU. 

* Be Well Benefits, Inc. is not connected with or endorsed by the Federal Government or the Medicare Program.
** Medicare enrollment is not limited to those 65 and older. Others can qualify based on disability status or certain health conditions.

This is a general outline of the Medicare program as a whole. Please refer to Medicare's official website, https://www.medicare.gov, call 800-MEDICARE, or call a licensed agent for specific Medicare-related questions you have.